A Road to Where?

I live in a sleepy little hamlet in a remote corner of Yorkshire. Moving here was to escape an extremely busy working life and begin a new chapter of rest, restorative healing and a chance to follow the creative streaks which run through me.

Naturally, nothing goes according to plan. Life still throws curve balls and just when you think you are back on track, whoosh you are taking another turn from the main road.

I’ve never really been a planner, I have been optimistic that things will always work out. The cosmos has a way of steering you when you need it most. It’s difficult though for those who need a plan. For them there is a need to know a little of the road ahead. Opportunities have been put in my path and I have taken them or left them depending on circumstances. I’ve made some dreadful decisions. We are not perfect.

However, I have come this far and whilst I recall my own trepidations and anxious moments, my strength in my belief that it will work out has held me. Growing older, my belief is ever thus strong and I find I have become more spiritual. My grandsons call them my life lessons. Whatever they may be they sustain and strengthen my inner self.

None more so than when I am writing. Forging characters and stories from the depths of your mind. It’s like being a wordologist. Is that a new word? My stories have yet to published and yet last week I was thrilled to learn I was a runner up in a short story competition. I received some wonderful comments.

The creative streak is ever present and my belief is ever strong that it will happen. I find when letting my mind empty and allow the freedom of energy to pulse, I create a river of words that I wonder where they came from. Losing myself in the moment. Capturing the images floating through my brain and bringing those characters to life. Carving a backdrop to the story which I bring to life.

However you sustain yourself, it is the belief you can which I find the hardest. Others may tell you to plod on, keep going but when you have a moment that validates all of the hours you have put in somehow that joy rises up and you can do anything.

Spring is upon us and whilst the crazy weather is confusing, it is a re birth of nature and who knows of ourselves. As we plot our way out of the crisis which has held us all, maybe it is about believing.

Whatever you are working on, dreaming of, considering, may you find the road ahead has few bends.

Stay safe and thank you for dropping by.

Pondering Meandering

There has been much to ponder on in my life of late. Family matters, creative cramps, plus the world out there.

This last week I have been meandering my memories of my mother. Her untimely demise happened thirty years ago. A woman born before her time, with amazing strength and kindness. Strict and unswerving often of her opinions and the need to observe certain standards or perhaps these days they would be known as protocols.

With the death of Prince Philip it brought to my mind the loss and bewilderment my father experienced when my mum died, unexpectedly in his presence. He was a broken man and he lived only a couple of years after. He had lost his sparring partner, his companion and the one person who held us all together.

I make no apologises for the tears in my eyes as I write. My parents were formidable characters and their legacy, they may be surprised at, was their belief in anything was possible with hard work and application. Never give up, but be kind and compassionate. Their often volatile partnership gave way to great capacity for love. The world was to be explored but home would always be waiting.

As a race we are often connected by the natural events which take place in our lives. Loss being one of the big events we can never ignore. My heart sits heavily that my grandchildren will never know the remarkable people my parents were. Yet we bring them to life through stories, photos and the fact we all bear some resemblance.

I think that is why I love writing and creating so much. Much of my writing has it’s foundations in the experiences I have lived and witnessed. A bit like preparing the ground for new plants. We nurture the soil, the seeds and plant them, urging them on to grow in a foundation we have prepared.

Life is slowly rising again, we hope for much longer this time. The ebb and flow of the days building and growing into some sort of new normality.

For me, my thoughts have meandered along a somewhat melancholy musing. Yet it reminds me of the richness of lives well lived and the voids that are never really filled after. My mother lived in the moment. She didn’t believe in planning and her mantra was always ‘what will be will be.’ A greater force would guide us.

New dawn’s are beckoning and with it an eternal hope that new shoots will give way to brightness and beckon us all into the sunlight.

Stay safe and thanks for passing by.


I was raised on a belief of aspiration and that anything was possible if you tried. There are times in our lives when it feels a step to far to have those aspirations. The fatigue of life sets in and you deflate and settle for whatever is the most comfortable. During the last year I have found it has focused my mind on being reflective. Considering all those ideas I have had about developing my garden and being more driven with my writing. Experimenting with my art techniques and exploring just what can I do. Though often the more time you have the more, I have discovered, you can drift. Like a boat bobbing along aimless with no set route.

This has not been the case for a close member of my family who is about to turn her aspiration into a reality. What started out as a seed of desire to escape the rat race has germinated into growth and movement. A love of cooking and wanting to share this alongside cultivating a kitchen garden to accompany her recipes, is about to come to fruition. Buying a place in the country, with some land and room for her young family to roam and grown unimpeded by busy roads is almost there. It is within touching distance.

As a family, we have shared the drama, the tears of frustration and finally we will celebrate the sheer joy, albeit from a distance.

Personally, the emotion has been over whelming. Seeing someone achieve something that has been long held is a privilege and rather special. In these current times it lifts us from a place of gloom and reminds me that life is not all being lived in the shadows.

It has restored my belief that we can still dream and still make things happen. For my own personal aspirations it has acted as an energy. Fuelling those day dreams and saying to myself, don’t hold back, just go for it, is a kind of renewal. Asserting the foundation of aspiration doesn’t mean I am not anxious, apprehensive but it does create a path for the renewed energy to flow.

No matter what you are creating be it carving, painting, knitting, to name but three, creating comes in many guises. without the flow of energy to cause the creation of something where would we be without the amazing inventions etc that have occurred over time.

Long may we be galavnized by thoughts and ideas and motivated to to have a go.

Thanks for dropping by.

Stay Safe

Storm Surges

I used to live by the sea, part of the day was often spent staring out to the horizon and watching the weather roll in.

There was a day, which lives vividly etched in my mind. A memory I don’t often recall but seems appropriate in the world we live in.

A storm was approaching and our family home was on the cliff edge. Near enough to be wonderful and scary all at the same time. When the knock came on the door for us to evacuate it was beyond frightening.

As the evening progressed, the skies darkened and the surge came. The noise was thunderous, harrowing and for my parents their lives were shaken beyond anything we could have comprehended.

The following morning, the house, remarkably was still standing, or hanging should I say. It was as if a great pair of teeth had bitten into the cliff and taken it out to sea leaving the house behind.

Bereft of a foundation, the house hovered between two worlds. As did we. Homeless, but the kindness of friends and neighbours comforted us all.

Life now feels like living through a storm surge. Then the clouds clear and there is a glimmer of expectancy, a small sliver of a blue sky, the warmth of the winter sun.

The energy flows anew and reminds us that somehow life goes on albeit differently.

My father cried that day, the one and only time I witnessed his emotion. My parents were quite amazing. Picking themselves up eventually and re building their lives. when I thought everything was lost, I realised we still had each other. Yes life was different, life was harder, sadder but resilience surged and we grew from that.

The clouds will clear from our current storm, the future looks bleak but lurking under the clouds, and the storm light is always there.

Stay safe, and thankyou for dropping by

New Energy

Happy New Year to all who read this blog. Thank you for taking the time to read my words and thoughts.

We are living through so much at the moment. It’s hard some days to take it all in. In more normal, familiar times, this is when holidays are planned, visits to family and friends are put in the diary. Yet still we are living with the uncertainty of when that may happen.

For me, change has been around most of my life. It has enabled me to go with the flow. Accepting of the things I cannot change and concern myself with those I have some control over. However, I realise for some that change is not so easy to accept and the normal routines which escape us are difficult to regain.

Change for me, feeds my creative thoughts and whilst some of those changes can be bring about melancholy, I work hard to counter that shadow side. Changes do not have to be all negative. They can bring about new challenges which can lead to new beginnings and new ways of being. For me I have encountered new crafts, new authors to read and learning more about how technology can be an aid.

Fresh energy, coursing through the neural pathways can bring about a spark of something…

It is that something which to me is exhilarating and drives my day forward. Being an eternal optimist can often be exhausting but I strive to maintain the will that positive vibes harness positive thoughts.

Life is not straight forward and on the days where there is a straight line and I can walk it I celebrate those as much as the ones which have curves and kinks.

There is no telling what the coming months may bring but hope it is better. Without hope where we would be? It is such a small word but big in its meaning. Its energy radiates from those four letters.

I hope for us all 2021 brings change for the good and much energy

Thank you for taking time to read.

Into the Sun

It’s been a few weeks since I last had the inclination to write. Not just here but elsewhere too. From where I write, I am priviledged to watch the sun rise.

A spectacle that is never the same experience twice. The sun rising heralds a new day. A day to be pondered, worked, worried or whatever is travelling through your life on that day.

Regardless of any of these fluctuations in our lives, the sun rises and beckons us. Of course there are days when the clouds descend and nothing can be seen of it’s fiery presence. Yet it is still, bringing the daylight.

I also enjoy watching the sun set. At the end of a day that has been full of life or weariness the sun sets on those emotions. Allowing the darkness to creep across the sky and gently call us to sleep.

Of course sleep may not come, or it may come intermittently but none the less, the day ends. A new one will emerge and with it the sun will again rise and bless us with its light.

So in the weariness of the long winter months, I am warmed by the immense resolve of nature to keep going. It has been a strange and difficult year. We have all had to keep going forward into the uncertainty that has become our lives. Yet we herald new chinks of light as things improve.

I take heart, I court hope and rejoice in the sunrise and all it throws light upon during the day.

I rest my head during the night and revive the weakened spirit.

Stay safe and thank you for dropping by.

Power of Nature

Living close to the powerful North Sea, I am still in awe of the surges of power the sea exudes at this time of year. Much of nature is powering down but the sea is only just getting started.

Standing on the beach, early this morning, glued to hypnotic effect of the waves, I was over whelmed by the smallness of my being.

The noise of the water, crashing to the shore and the volume of water which effortless moved in front of me, highlighted the forcefulness nature has over us. The tide was on the turn and was making its way out. The surge of its energy rushed through me as I was caught in its grip of magnificence.

This energy, resonated to my very core. In doing, so it acted as a catalyst to power up my own energy. The re- setting of my own creative drive and the desire to hang on to the rush it delivered.

When I say rush, I refer to the rush of inspiration to power through my final editing and catch the essence of the story I am working on.

Power comes in many forms. Healthy and inspiring, motivating and driving us onwards. Toxic power, disables us, takes away something of our inner spirit. Drains us and weakens us.

It’s easy to feel drained just now with all that is happening in our world. In each individual world there are millions of moments causing frustration, worry, draining us weakening us.

Equally there are as many moments that uplift us, carry us, inspire us. For me nature does that all the time whether it is the grandeur of the sea and it’s unrelenting power or the simple gentleness of my own garden.

It is always harder to find the positive and believe in our own power. Yet it is in that ability to do so we find hope and light.

I shall cling to the surge of energy I felt this morning and trust it carries me along for while at least.

Stay safe and thank you for dropping by.

A Little Bit of Magic

I chose the image above because I am an optimist and in my world I always see the light ahead. I appreciate that is not how everyone views their world. To me it was part of my upbringing. No matter what darkness may creep in around you, no matter the road ahead was missing, at some point there is always light. Life had patches of bleakness as I was growing up. The light was a meaningful support.

Things have occurred in my world recently which have called for a huge effort of believing in the light. Even when you know instinctively that the light may be an illusion.

Then I read something on twitter, about fiction and magic. It prompted me to think that we all we need a little hope, magic, optimism. A belief there will be a light at the end of our road.

As a child I was completely sold on magic being real. As I have grown older I think there is magic but it’s different to the spells and potions and the wizards. Doesn’t stop me believing.

There is magic in a child’s wonderment, their smile, their hugs. Even more so now when we are all learning to live in a different world.

There is magic in the joy received when giving a gift, a cuddle, that special kiss. That moment when you breath a sigh of relief knowing things are going to be ok. Just knowing that whatever mountain you are having to climb you are not alone.

We miss the magic sometimes because we are caught by other worlds. I think we need those magical moments. Those moments when things surprise you in a good way. That ‘I wasn’t expecting that’ moment.

So as autumn beckons and the days become fraught and uncertain, I look for the light and the magic and the hope that eventually, good things will take root and appear in the spring.

Thank you for stopping by and reading.

Searching, Seeking, Finding

Since starting this blog, I have been humbled by the interest in it. Many people write blogs for differing reasons. I guess mine was to explore that streak within which craves to be creative. I have discovered many who are but wrestle with the spark. It is the spark which ignites the pursuit.

It is often our self doubt and lack of belief which confronts us and hinders the way forward. We can see in the distance what we would love to create but it remains elusive. The self doubt often over whelming our belief sadly cancelling our desire.

This week I met a friend who appears to have found her niche. The joy in her enthusiasm and delight in at last finding something was wonderful and uplifting. Another friend relishes the pots of paints and taking a blank page and evolving an image which is beautiful in its simplicity.

Both of these wonderful people are talented and skilful. Though uncertain if what they are doing will meet their own expectations. My message would be take heart from those around you who gaze in awe at your accomplishments. Be kinder to your selves.

I know from my own experiences that it is difficult to accept praise. Always thinking my work could be better. Naturally there is an element where we need to hone those skills and be the best we can.

For me, it is in the attempt and trials of having a go. For how do we know what we can achieve if we don’t try?

One day the trying will lead to something and it is that something which urges me on and builds the belief it can be done.

Stay safe and thanks for dropping by

Mountains to Climb

Reflective writing often feels slightly self indulgent but it is a tool by which you can heal yourself. The world we are part of is fraught, uncertain and at times mildly scary. I say mildly because it depends on your own world.

My world just now is full of editing and re writes and wondering if my story will ever make the grade. Then I gaze at my garden and see all the hard work of nurturing has paid off. So I continue and nurture the words on the page.

I have been a reflective writer for a long time, partly due to my working life and partly through my own fictional writing. Finding those magic words which will inspire and be aspirational enough someone will want to read them.

Writing is often more than that. It is a form of expression, a road which you can meander down and have long conversations. Some are meaningful, others are nonsense but the sense of expelling the negative energy is healing at its best.

So it was this week, as I remembered an old friend who was the epitome of a very silent companion. He listened and never interrupted and offered little in the way of advice. It was the ability to share and hear my own thoughts which helped and aided the natural flow of positivity. I miss him.

My companion? My beautiful Labrador Posky. Never under estimate the power of canine friends. They are unconditional in their support and ask for little in return. Yet they give so much.

Life moves on but the void exists . I find the written word helps.

It is a tricky skill then to transpose the honesty of being reflective to characters in a story. Yet it is a skill most writers learn and when it all comes together there is joy to be had.

Poetry, art, writing, crafting, to name a few are all tools of expression and all are personal and mean something to each person in the creation. To mean it is part of my core. As I grow older the spiritual aspect deepens and the words become of greater significance.

Long may the creative streak grow and fill us all with renewed positive hope.

Thanks for dropping by.

Stay Safe.